Testimonials from Editors and others regarding Elaine’s published articles

Elaine's work is very well tailored to the publications we publish. She is extremely conscientious to ensure that her facts are accurate and that the story reflects the angle discussed prior to her completing the assignment. She is a pleasure to work with. Patricia den Boer Editor, Coyle Publishing Ottawa, Canada. www.coylepublishing.com

Elaine Kenney, a freelance writer based in Ottawa, Ont., and has written several articles for The Western Producer in the past three years. Material has included both hard news and features. Ms. Kenney conducts her story queries in a professional manner and her work has been of good quality and of interest to the Western Producer audience. I would be happy to provide further comment on her work and can be contacted at the co-ordinates below. Barb Glen, Editor, The Western Producer, www.producer.com

Elaine Kenney has written three commissioned articles for Canadian Cowboy Country – one of which required specialized writing – and her work was well thought out, written to length and met the deadline. She is a pleasure to work with and will be writing future articles for the magazine. Terri Mason, Editor Canadian Cowboy Magazine, www.canadiancowboy.ca

Elaine Kenney has written several feature stories for Horses All during the last year and a half. She always comes up with great story ideas that are a good fit for our audience. Her work is easy to edit and a pleasure to read. Sincerely, Sherry Butt, Former Editor/Horses All, www.horsesall.ca  

Elaine Kenney is writer who spent her younger years in Saskatchewan. Probably this is the reason that she finds herself drawn back for so many visits and why she has such a fascination for the southwest region of the province. Elaine is unique in her ability to find people who tell her of their way of life and their inner feelings. She also finds places and things that most tourists and travel writers pass by without discovering that they exist. In her articles she illustrates that an area that may appear uninteresting to a more casual observer is actually full of beauty and interest. We need more writers with Elaine's abilities to write about us and create a desire in travelers to come and enjoy our great southwest. Eiliv(Sonny) and Joy Anderson, Maple Creek, Sask.

Elaine Kenney wrote a brilliant article on me entitled 'Chris Irwin and the evolution of natural horsemanship' for Horses All Magazine. Elaine captured the very essence of my philosophy in working with and training horses, a career that has spanned 30 years. She has a special ability to zero in on the essentials of what she is writing about and communicating it in a clear and eloquent fashion. She then went on to do a very successful publicity campaign for me in Ottawa. Chris Irwin, Internationally recognized horse trainer and clinician, Riversong Ranch, Alberta, www.chrisirwin.com