Testimonials from media people

"It takes a special talent to recognize talent. Elaine Kenney has that special talent. The people and their stories that she has recommended for my CFRA radio program have invariably been extraordinary interviews. Elaine Kenney knows quality when she sees it. This leads to the inescapable conclusion that Elaine Kenney is, herself, a lady of immense quality."  Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka, Ottawa, Host, Sunday Night with Rabbi Bulka on 580 CFRA

"Elaine has the calibre of guest that our listeners demand. I particularly appreciate her thoroughness with respect to background and research..Her ability to respond to tight deadlines is worth its weight in gold." Bryan Allen, Producer/Host of the Talk Show CKNX Radio Wingahm, Ontario

“Elaine and I have worked together for a number of years. In her role as publicist, Elaine has helped me coordinate many interviews, as well as ‘bail me out’ with some last minute scheduling. Her professionalism, knowledge of the industry and network of contacts make her an ideal publicist and someone I would highly recommend.” John Maciel, Producer/Host KW Magazine – CKWR FM, Waterloo, ON

It has been a very good working arrangement with Elaine Kenny, publicist. Her press kits are well prepared and I appreciate received suggested questions for my interviews. She is very good in follow-ups prior to and after the interviews. Thanks to e-mail we are able to bring closure to the process in quick order.  With our track record, she is able to suggest potential interviewees that best suit our target audience which is skewed to women. It has been a pleasure of working with her through the years.” Sincerely, John Nichols, Host of the Chats Program, The Peak-FM 95.1, Collingwood, Ontario

“When you host/produce a daily talk show response times are right up there with ambulance/fire/cops. At least they are in my mind. Elaine is as reliable as "911", without the bells and whistles. Nothing is more frustrating that being sent an interesting idea and not getting a prompt response. That's why I take a second look when it comes from Elaine.” Gary Doyle, 570 News, Kitchener

“I just wanted to say thank you for your conscientiousness and care in setting up this interview. You highlighted how it was relevant to us (as in a Quebec regional story), you outlined why the book would make a difference in helping consumers, and you gave us enough of an idea -- with detailed background -- to know that even if we couldn't do an extensive pre-interview with your guest beforehand, when he would be on air, he would be a solid interview. Thanks again, and to the next story.” Jacqueline Czernin, Host, Breakaway, CBC Radio, Quebec City